See it, Say it, Write it


The See it, Say it, Write it Team continues to contract  workshop training classes for school systems  as well as colleges. We  offer  workshops (usually broken down into 2-5 hour meetings) which earn teachers 10 Professional Development Points (PDPs).  PC labs are preferred but we can adapt our directions to MACs.

We also would be happy to meet with a small group of representatives of interested organizations.  We can give a complimentary 1 hour presentation at our Bridgewater Elementary School Site.  During such brief visits we explain the goals of the program, show examples of our writing templates,  show the workstation setups, review pre test and post test recommendations and answer questions pertaining to possible registration for See it, Say it, Write it Workshops.


Current Calendar of Workshops

Early Childhood Class, Massasoit College, Brockton, MA  June 11, 2009

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