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Information for Kids

If you decide to try these recipes at home, make sure there is an adult with you to be safe in the kitchen.

Our newest cooking creation is called: Apple Tree. We all agreed that it tasted "treemendous"!!

For fun, print out any of the following See it, Say it, Write it projects below and play the sequence game.  Follow the black lines when cutting out the pictures. Mix them up and then put them in order. Tell the whole procedure to a friend.

Ms. Krawiec's Apple Tree

Veggie Snowmen

Gator Nests


Penguin Treats

Spiders *new*

Strega Nona Spaghetti Salad

Boo Cups



Polar Bear Cookies

Quilt project

Pumpkin Heads


Dirt Cups

Duck Treats

Lion Treats

Snow Lambs

Cherry Tart


Owl Cookies

Sugar Plum Cakes


Green Eggs & Ham

Valentine Parfait

Under the Sea

Holiday Pizza

Frog on a Lily Pad




Happy Cooking,

Mrs. Burmeister

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