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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I copy pictures of the internet?

Here are some directions to copy images off the web.

Is there an easy way to just print up a large amount of pictures at once?

One way would be go to,  type in Easy Photo Maker (where it says Search for:), and download (free for a limited number of print-outs) Easy Photo Maker v1.0.5 or similar software that allows you to quickly and easily select the  photos you want and place them on the same page to print.  Directions are given to register this software (only about $14.00).

Are there any affordable CD-ROMs that could be used to help children with speech and language skills?  

One popular CD-ROM that allows you to make picture cards and games to help your child practice specific skills is "Picture This".. Professional Edition.  Check out 

What do I do when I am trying to copy my scanned picture from adobe into the card template and a  message indicates that there is not enough room for scanned picture on 6/9/cards?

1.On Adobe PhotoDeluxe  2 - in advanced setting, go to size tab, go to photo size, reduce size (e.g. 1x2) them copy, paste on cards

2. If there's still not enough room, you will need to compress the picture to a .jpg format.  Here is how:

In Adobe PhotoDeluxe, click on send in the left hand column.

Click on the yellow tab that says To Disk

Click on Export

Click on the green tab that says 1Export

Click on the Other Export  PICT EPS JPEG/p>

In the Export window, where it says Save in:<

Scroll down to Desktop

In File name: type a name for the picture

In save as:  scroll down to jpeg.

Click Save

The window will say Continue converting photo to jpeg format, click OK

Your picture is on the desktop now. Minimize the windows (clicking on the hyphen at the top right).

Double click on the picture which is on your desktop and proceed with the workshop directions (e.g. right click, copy, go to card template, right click past….)

What do I do if  Adobe PhotoDeluxe freezes up as we keep scanning more pictures?

Close out each scanned photo on adobe when you are done with it before you scan another picture. This is a good habit to get into.

How can I get the pre/post test forms?

Send us your email address and we will send your 4 attachments (procedure prompt, procedure score sheet, recount prompt, recount score sheet).

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