See it, Say it, Write it


A speech-language pathologist and a first grade inclusion classroom teacher have developed an innovative educational program that integrates technology with the curriculum for grades K-12. Educators learn to use computers, digital cameras, scanners, and familiar software, as tools to create materials to strengthen the writing skills for all students including diverse learners.

Digital pictures of the students participating in procedural activities ranging from making Presidents' Day cherry tarts to completing science projects are produced by the teachers and used directly in classroom lessons. Story recounts for such activities as a field trip to Plymouth Plantation or Lowell's Tsongas Center are also created using scanners. 

Writing templates (graphic organizers) to help students generate narrative and recount/retell writing skills. After learning the basic steps of producing digital pictures with cameras and scanners, teachers continue to expand the use of these technology tools to enhance lessons targeting other writing genres (e.g. descriptive/explanation writing, reports, direction / instruction writing).

Our Mission

To provide educators (K-12) with simple innovative methods for creating adaptive materials (using familiar computer software, scanners, and digital cameras) which will enhance the writing skills for all students including diverse learners.

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